heavy machine tools for high productivity & efficiency

fiber lasers & plasma cutters

The Vanad MIRA is based on the concept of gantry cutting machines designated forplasma and oxy-fuel cutting. 

The Vanad BLUESTER is an excellent machine for oxy-fuel and plasma cutting with the possible use of automatic 3D plasma head.

Vanad is a manufacturer of high performance CNC machines of modern design for shape cutting of materials with oxy-fuel, the latest plasma technology and fiber laser.

The tradition of production and the know-how of our cutting machines continues in the over 40 years long history of manufacturing cutting machines in the former Czechoslovakia.

The Vanad RotCUT is an supplementary device for tube and profile processing with Vanad BLUESTER, PROXIMA, MIRON, SUPREMA, MIRON Laser and KOMPAKT Laser.

The Vanad KOMPAKT Laser is a powerful machine equipped with a fiber laser for the precise cutting of metallic and non-metallic materials.

Vanad 2000 a.s. carries on the tradition of cutting machines production in Bohemia.